Who are we

Israel, your land, the Seror Club, your vineyard

The land of Israel. A treasure able to offer us the best of itself. You love it and it loves you in return.

Vine. One of the symbol of Israel’s land. An emblem.

The olive tree. A tree that symbolizes the Jewish people: solid, rooted in its land, generous …

Want to connect to these symbols. Realizing your attachment for the land of Israel. Investing in your roots. The Seror Club offers you this opportunity.

Being part of the Seror Club Séror is not an investment like any others. Here, in this vineyard, you are among the privileged who have seized the authenticity of this place, of this land. You encourage a common project, idealistic, support Israel and its economy, helping to develop a thriving region, generous, unique. You become actor of an history that dates thousands of years back. You connect past, present and future, conjugating history with geography …

The Jewish people understood: give to this land and it gives it back to you.

This certainty guide the philosophy of the Seror Club.

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