The Club Seror assortment


24 bottles of wine and 6 bottles of olive oil


By becoming a member of the Seror Club, the thirty annual bottles of your pack will be delivered free of charge at the addresses you will indicate us, in a luxurious packaging. And to assert further your connection to the land, a name plate will be affixed to one of the Vineyard trees.

Your selections will include:

Four wine boxes each containing

  • 12 bottles of Claude Seror
  • 6 bottles of Red Gold
  • 6 bottles of Syrah

One olive oil boxes containing

  • Three bottles of Picholine olive oil
  • Three bottles of Barnea olive oil

Price : 4 999 shekels

Club Séror members will have the opportunity to acquire separate bottles of wine (minimum order of six bottles)

The Claude Seror bottle: 150 shekels
The Syrah bottle: 180 shekels
The Red Gold bottle: 180 shekels
The Olive Oils: 110 shekels

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