Oliko Picholine

The Picholine variety is a rustic variety of Gard origin, capable of adapt to different environments. Olives, almond-shaped in medium to large size provide oil yields relativelylow (15-18%)

Aromatic and taste characteristics

The Picholine variety of Oliko our olive oil is enhanced by the terroir
exceptional Avnei Eitan. Its fruity, green thyme and marjoram
are expressed in the mouth with a taste of raw artichoke seasoned with a flavor velvety hazelnut.
The Oliko Picholine marks the palace with its slightly spicy and notes cut grass.

Food Pairings

Strong and ardent, our Picholine perfectly with salads,
beef carpaccio, ceviche, braised vegetables and any other dish you
want to take the freshness.
Our superior olive oil is obtained directly from
olives and solely by mechanical processes. It is packaged in
opaque containers for optimum conservation of its qualities
organoleptic (aromas, flavors, taste).
Storing at a temperature of 15-19 ° C
75 cl.
Hide Laméhadrine

International awards

japanJapan: Silver Medal at the international Olive competition, Japan 2014.

TerraOlivio_gold Luxury Gold Medal in the Terra Olivo competition 2014 (Mediterranean contest for international olive oils).


Meilleure variété Barnéa israélienne au concours Terra Olivo 2014