Oliko Barnéa

The Barnea is a relatively new variety of olive, developed in Israel, in the Kadesh Barnea area.
The olive Barnea is especially lanky, like a cypress.
Olives shaped citron have a small growth at its end ( “pitam” in Hebrew).
Its oil content is average (18 to 20%).

Aromatic and Taste Characteristics

Barnea variety of Oliko is eaten as a “Grand Cru”. His first nose will reveal an incredible aromatic richness in yellow fruit (Peaches, apricots) which results in the mouth by a creamy buttered hazelnut flavor.
Its finish is particularly long and delicate.

Food Pairings

The delicately scented flavor of our Oliko Barnea matches perfectly with the balsamic vinegar of your salads and your subtle cooked fish dishes, poultry, pumpkin. Its extraordinary floral bouquet will flourish during the cooking of your pasta, potatoes and simple basmati rice.
Our superior olive oil is obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical processes.
It is packaged in opaque containers for optimum conservation of its organoleptic qualities (aromas, flavors, taste).
Storing at a temperature of 15-19 ° C
75 cl.
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International awards


Luxury Gold Medal in the Terra Olivo competition 2014 (Mediterranean contest for international olive oils).


Best Israeli Barnea variety at the Terra Olivo contest 2014.