Land and terroir

Domaine Seror was born in order to embody in a unique way the symbiosis of the vision of a band of old friends, all of them French-Israeli, and the love of the bounty of the land.

Olive and vine, two of the most potent symbols of the land of Israel, allied to secular know-how originated in the old continent, are the heralds of Domaine Seror.

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Club Seror

When we came to the decision to found a winery, we were particularly keen on preserving the values of togetherness and belonging that are at the core of the world of wine.

By being a member of Club Seror, limited to a thousand people, one gives oneself the opportunity to belong to something bigger, to really count, and to allow the core values of the vineyard to prosper : the bounty of the land, terroir, and the relationships between people.

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The wines

Everything starts here, at the winery, 1500 Ft high, in this outstanding region which allows us to make the best out of that rich volcanic soil.

The Golan Heights is one of the most coveted wine regions in Israel. It gives us the necessary quiet and inspiration for producing this exceptional range of wines.

Our winemaker, Itay Lahat, one of the most renowned in Israel, guides the Domaine with his experienced and steady hand towards production of complex and different wines, that reflect the quality of the terroir they’re issued from.

All our wines

Our olive oil

The olive tree, one of the symbols of Israel, wasn’t called « the tree of kings » for nothing.

From the oil that was used in ancient times for therapeutic purposes to one of the more sought-after ingredients in Mediterranean cuisine, its exceptional properties and delicate taste turn it into the natural counterpart of wine making when working the land of Israel.

Yuval Matsliah, our winegrower, and the oilmaker of Domaine Seror, is thoroughly dedicated to high quality of grapes and olives, through his immense love for the land of Israel.

Our full line of olive oils